As next world's largest directory of English schools, English&Go connects people with a wide variety of english academies in different countries. The site has a double purpose: For academies, a way to promote and publish their courses all over the word and, for students, to find the right academy for its needs. With user-friendly features, English&Go makes it quick and easy for people to find the appropiate academy for their learning needs. Whether preparing for exam or learning for pleasure, English&Go is the best online destination.

We used Cobalt to manage the Courses section: English academies sign up and subscribe to an Emerald plan to start adding their English courses as offers. These offers expire after 90 days. Academies are able to manage their offers by adding pictures, information about the academy, course description, features and reviews from current students.

Some screenshots here:


English Courses

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On: 23 Dec 2014
Last Modified: 02 May 2015


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