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After receiving a lot of requests for field bundles and a subscription model, we decided to offer an alternative to our individual purchase model. Subscribe to everything for a highly discounted rate

At the same time, through this move we can also showcase the flexibility of our own Cobalt based e-commerce solution. Please see our last blogpost about SSI

We used Hikashop, one of the best e-commerce solutions for Joomla before. Unfortunately it can not provide the flexibility we are used to have through our flagship Cobalt. Therefore we had to create SSI, to match Cobalt's high standards and to satisfy our level of smooth integration in an attempt to provide a world-class e-commerce solution.

With this move, we hope to satisfy every aspect our clients are looking for. We provide "Everything for less" for our power-user through the subscription model and at the same time the possibility to buy only something when the need arrises through individual purchases for customers on a tight budget or with very specific requirements.

We will have 3 subscription plans for Cobalt:

Plan Period Price
Professional 6 months 99.00 USD
Enterprise 12 months 159.00 USD
Ultimate Lifetime 499.00 USD

Just make your computation and I'am sure you will realize what great offer we provide here.

Now, before you start asking the usual questions, i will try to answer them upfront already.

What do you mean by "Lifetime"?

As long as our company and Cobalt exists. But of course, you can use our extensions up to the end of time if you wish - there is no expiration on them.

Joomla 3.0 is coming soon. Does this mean an end to Cobalt and do we have to expect a new product with a different name?

No, absolutely not. We preparing already for the next generation of Cobalt, namely Cobalt 8 with new enterprise ready functionality. We might even provide an early beta version before Joomla 3 hits the street and then work on compatibility issues (Javascript framework etc), which might be resolved in Cobalt 9. Please see our earlier Roadmap posting. We expecting a bright future for the Cobalt product line and hoping that you will accompany us on our challenging journey along with this incredible CCK. Import and migration will be one of the upcoming highlights to ensure even more your former investment in our past tools. And there is more to come .. It will not stop with Cobalt 7. It is just the beginning of a new generation of high performant CCK's based on our 7 year experience in this field.

I bought already some of your fields. Will i loose my "Lifetime" status on them, when i subscribe to the "Everything for less" subscription.?

No, of course not. You are still entitled to "Lifetime" access to these individual purchased fields, since this is what you expected when you bought it and put your trust in our development. But if you subscribe to our new plans, you will have immediately access to everything what you missed so far. I would highly suggest to take this opportunity. This is the best value for money you can possibly get.

But there is even more. To show our gratitude to our loyal customers, who supported us with their purchases and feedback while developing Cobalt , we offer through the month of July an additional 50% discount for our "Professional" and "Enterprise" subscription plans if you have already purchased Cobalt extensions worth more than $99. This is and will be definitely the best deal ever.

I am already a client and got your Resources packages? I love the system, but now i want to start with Joomla 2.5. Can you make it more attractive for me to jump on the Cobalt train?

Yes, we did not forget about our long time customers, who enabled us to continue the development over all these years of what we consider now the best CCK for Joomla. There is something for you in our discount chest. If you decide to subscribe to any of our plans within the month of July, we will grant you a 10% loyalty discount. To avail of this offer, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your account details and include your order ID(s).

Thank you for your support and trust in our solutions.


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