Do not think Cobalt development is ignored again. I continue development.

As you all know I try to update Cobalt to BS4. This turned out to be quite a massive work. For example, today I was updating relation Child and Parent fields. Little insight, I've added detach function. As a result of updating these 2 fields to BS4, 65 files was changed. It is only for 2 fields. When I typed 65 files it does not sounds as much, but in reality it is a huge amount of files. It takes one hour just to open file, look though and close it.

I was hoping to release update sooner. Generally most of work is done by now. All views are finished. I only need to go through all the fields. I go through them alphabetically and I ended on field Child. So there is a lot of fields left. Some of them like geo or calendar are also huge.

When I update HTML, I also go through all JS and refactor all JS code. main.js file was totally refactored with a completely new more modern approach. I also add a lot of tiny features. Like for example now section or type forms remember tab and after apply it opens last tab you were in. All modals are also updated.

I change all PNG icons to font icons. For that I use custom built font called Cobalt. Demo icons you can see in gallery below.

I also attach screenshot of user homepage, where you can see almost everything. User menu, user category navigator, section filters and much more. Looks good, isn't it?

I am looking forward for your participation.


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