Another week had gone! We did not stay and everyone who is active on the issues board knows it. What is new this week?

  • Fields templates now have parameters. That is not only open new possibilities for universal and complex field templates, but also makes fields much cleaner and there is less parameters initially. Another step toward usability and simplicity to use. Not all of fields are revised but some of them are already cleaner.


  • Filed data and time has been refactored to use bootstrap. Another step to obsolete Mootools. It was very heavy refactor. Not only I've changed Js library, but the way values are stored. NOw it is a bit more flexible for future updates. Muuuuuuch cleaner! Only few parameters. Other parameters are in field templates. At the same time none of the functionality was lost.

  • Packer some fixes.

  • More collapses of unwanted parameters for fields.
  • Field upload now have default file selector many fixes.
  • Whatever filter you apply you will see the filter reset button.

Does not sound like much? But it is. Half of thousands of files has been changed. And in addition, I am working on new style. I incorporate Bootstrap 4 for Cobalt. On templates with Bootstrap 4 it will work natively. On templates without bootstrap 4, Cobalt will load it's own modified version of BS4, that tries not to affect styles, colors, fonts, etc ... and only enables grid and JS components.


Download full test version here

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