New version of Cobalt 9. Week is over, lets break down what is done.

If I look to statistics almost 500 files were changed. A lot of work. We finally have a workable version without errors and notices that prevent you from trying Cobalt full potential.

Here is the list of things accomplished by this week:

Control Panel and Quick Start

One of the most significant is Cobalt CP (Control Panel) and Quick Start option. Now you can create new section, type, bind it together, create link in menu all in one click by setting 2 text fields. It is literally quick start, because you cannot ake any faster.

Perhaps algorithm behind this feature is not as complex and advanced as I try to emphasis, but significance of this feature in a fact that we have shifted our focus from gaining new complicated features, to simplicity, usability and look & feel. This is our main priority now. I rather make new Cobalt more beautiful and friendly than add another complex feature that will confuse users even more.

Single pack install.

Before you had to install 2 files. Cobalt and media pack. Sometimes also IP DB. That was doe to default PHP value for max upload size 2Mb. Upload of installation package was failing in 2 cases of 6 if uploaded package was more than 2Mb. Now Joomla have chunk upload and file size is not limited. Now you have to install only one file.

Not only that, installation process is also more advanced. On new install or update we automatically create Cobalt Control Panel menu link. Also we automatically set global admin for Cobalt. Also we automatically set upload folder. Another words, after install you all set and ready to go. No need to open and save configuration.

You see, usability again.

Other features

  • All upload fields like UPload, Gallery, Audio, Video, ... now updated and new upload controller is created based on Flow.js. Although we did not delete old one. You can switch to new controller in field parameters. This was an important step for obsoleting Mootools.
  • Mass change is back. Although it is only one option there right now, I was working on general flow and now I only need to add new options.
  • Dependable fields. Fields that are not need now are hidden. For example ig you turn off rating, all parameters for rating will be hidden. In some places we hide 80% of parameter fields initially and show them only if user select some options.
  • Pills. Pills component that was used by tags, listautocomplete and filters is changed, also obsoleting Mootools. This new bootstrap-tags library give a much better control over look and style. Right now it is not super beautiful, but when we make final style touch to all templates, that should look awesome.
  • Tools. Now tools are not in a plugin but part of the Cobalt. Tools will be installed like separate packages. 3d party developers will be able to create new tool, and make a package and share with others. 2 tools to clean files was merged into one, and refined. We clean all sorts of files. My first run of this tool, empty 25Mb of space.
  • A loooooot of different fixes

Please grab latest package here and try it out. Remember right now full commercial package is available for free.

If you have any error or desire, post it here


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