I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

Here is the new version of great CCK for Joomla - Cobalt v.8.726.

A lot of fixes and improvements.


  • fix - Relation fiel autoselect parent
  • fix - Clusters JS script in geo
  • fix - email send Joomla 3.5.1
  • improve - Better import UTF 8 support
  • fix - VK comments and HTTPS support
  • add - Audit log messages for articles import as new or edit
  • fix - Import articles with no title
  • fix - Import calcualtion of new and updated records
  • fix - email field send email to user name saved in EasySocial
  • fix - Import submits the form even if JS error pops up.
  • enhance - category path now shows title not aliases in form.
  • add - individual classes to control buttons.
  • fix - relate field do not show children if those children do not allow multiparent and already have parent.
  • fix - php7 ereg depreciated issue
  • fix - Joomla 3.6 errors fixes and improvements
  • fix - relate field some filtering issues
  • change - path to thumbnails now /images/cobalt_thumb instead of /cache/cobalt_thumb
  • fix - component com_cobalt not loaded
  • add - article view menu element template parameter.
  • fix - filters for relate fields
  • add - email field email format HTML ot Text
  • add - categories module order for record
  • add - commerce fields to free package
  • fix - canonical
  • add - order for module cobalt categories.
  • add - new section ordering by expire time
  • fix - J2Store conflict with class F0FModel

Affected Files

  • Cobalt [com_cobalt.j3.v.8.726.zip]
  • Comemnt [cmt_cobalt.j3.vk.v.8.9.zip]


  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.email.v.8.75.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.geo.v.8.224.zip]
  • Relate [field_cobalt.j3.relations.v.8.76.zip]


  • Module [mod_cobalt_category.j3.v.8.44.zip]
  • Module [mod_cobalt_filters.j3.v.8.51.zip]
  • Module [mod_cobalt_records.j3.v.8.66.zip]


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