Here is the new version of Cobalt 8.707 - great Joomla CCK.

This version has number of cool features. Let me highlight some of them.

Kunena Migration

If you are tired that your forum looks like alien on your site and you want it be native, just install Cobalt's forum pack, then go to tools and run migration process.


Emerald 10 ready

Unfortunately in order to run together with new Emerald 10 (that is going to be released as better next week I hope) some changes had to be made. So, this is lowest Cobalt version to run with Emerald 10.


  • add - api create record and update record.
  • add - import modification time
  • add - import for date and time field
  • add - new import events to audit log
  • add - relate fields are not shown if there are no articles to connect
  • add - migration from Kunena forum to Cobalt Forum special tool.
  • enhance - markdown

Affected Files

  • Cobalt []
  • Plugin []


  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Relate []


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