Please welcome new Emerald v.9.380 update with finaly cool new Upgrate feature.


This feature allows user to subscribe to new plan and get discount for unused days of current plan. For instance user subscribed to Plan A - 1 Month - 30$. He used it for 15 days. And now he wants to upgrade to Plan B - 3 Month - 120$ with more advanced features.

Now, Emerald will calculate those 15 days user have used already, and see how much was not yet used and treat that as a discount for new plan. It recalculates using steps. Steps are measured in days. It is like hourly charge, with step by hour. It means if you worked 10 minutes or 50 you charge for one hour, if you worked 1 hour 1 minute, you charge for 2 hours.

To make it more clear let's say you entered step 10. It means that if user was using plan for 1 day or 9, he will be charged for 10. In our case user used plan for 15 days. It means that he will be charged for 20.

First Emerald finds how much one day of current plan costs. For Plan A 30 days in a month - $30 = $1 per day. User used it for 15 days but with step 10 it is 20. So user used it for $20. It means that he will get $10 discount for any other plan he upgrades to.

Cool, isn't it?


  • fix - Emerald user selector modal on none bootstrap templates
  • fix - Emerald form JS validation.
  • enhance - EU taxation.
  • add - Parameter not to activate automatically subscription created through hikashop with 0.00 price.
  • fix - gateway.
  • enhance - Expiration date labeled "Unknown" instead of "Lifetime" for inactive subscriptions
  • add - Upgrade plans.
  • add - Content plugins in the body of email alerts of the Emerald.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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