Here we are, update v.9.365 for Emerald - amazing Joomla paid membership component.

In this release we have as lot of fixes and improvements, as new feaures.



Integration with EasyDiscuss will give you interesting feature. When user purchase subscription, you can assign special badge and delete badge after subscription expires. You can also assign badge on subscription expire.

For example if user purchase subscription you give him gold VIP badge or Silver badge depending on plan, but when subscription expires you can assign bronze badge. This way you can see who have active subscription, and which one, who has no subscription at all and who has no active subscription but used to be paid member. And of course you can prioritize support accordingly.


Remository integration allow restrict file downloads by selecting categories

New action event

The action API has been extended and new action event has been added. You all know that actions was triggered only when user is logged in. That means if you have change group action, and you assign subscription for user, real change group will happen when user access your site.

This is perfect behavior because we can always confirm that user has got his goodies. If group was changed for example, we know that user definitely accessed it.

But in some cases like affiliate integration, this behavior might be not a good one. We what to be sure that action was triggered no matter if user accessed site or not. For those cases, there is new event onSuccess that will surely trigger anything right after successful subscription creation.


  • fix - emerald - email alerts as language keys
  • add - rule for remository
  • fix - emerald - configuration translations
  • fix - gateway interkassa
  • fix - plan selector on registration page - Joomla 3.4 - some toolbar buttons do not work
  • fix - few actions of the same type in one plan was not triggered properly.
  • add - paypal gateway initial period different price based on discount
  • add - garanti gateway - order id prefix parameter
  • add - new action integration with easy discuss. Assign badge to user on suggests purchase.
  • add - new method for actions onSuccess which is triggered immediately
  • add - purchase currency is saved with subscription and plan change currency does not affect sold subscriptions.

Files Affected

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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