New version of Emerald v.9.129 - Amassing Joomla membership/subscription components is here!

This is recommended update for all Emerald users. It contain some very important fixes and improvements.

  • add - user cannot open invoice if address not attached and user is offered to attach bill to information first. Once attached, invoice is accessible. This is for cases when subscription is created manually by admin.
  • add - Limit countries in global Emerald options. Only selected countries will be available in the country list for Bill To information.
  • enhance - emerald - coupon amount enter only digits from 1-100 on % discount and only digits on other discount types.
  • enhance - emerald - subscription during registrationn through session.
  • fix - emerald - default sales ordering by created date
  • fix - emerald - invoice postal code/zip
  • fix - emerald - easysocial validate registration form
  • fix - emerald - trigger actions on lifetime plans.
  • fix - emerald - tax edit - already exists error

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Easysocial []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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