Emerald 9.80 Membership and subscription extension for Joomla 3 series is here.

For 8 years we help people to build Membership websites. I do not remember in what book I read that one of the key to success is constantly move to same direction. And this is what happened with Emerald. Evolved from JContentSubscription to Mighty Membership and finally to Emerald this component is the most beautiful membership component I have ever seen. And I have seen them all.

Always in front row of innovations and ideas, which gives in your hands incredibly flexible Membership management.

And integration with Cobalt CCK gives you limitless control.

  • Restrict file downloads securely
  • Restrict creation of features articles
  • Restrict article access on timeframe (content dripping)
  • Require subscription for article author to display that article.
  • Show intro but restrict full view
  • Restrict only single field to view, add or edit. Eg: add address is accessible only for subscribers.
  • Dual purchase choice. User can buy article or download individually like in ship or subscribe and get access to all articles or downloads.

And many, many more features… Together with Emerald's flexibility,

Here are the changes in todays release.

  • add - emerald - translate plans on cpanel
  • fix - emerald - link save as copy and save & new
  • fix - emerald - advance save buttons
  • fix - emerald - plural period translate
  • fix - emerald - translate Buy Now and в Get Now buttons.
  • add - emerald - gateway - Robokassa
  • add - emerald - gateway - Interkassa
  • add - emerald - gateway - RBK
  • fix - emerald - plans html correct

Affected files

  • Emerald [com_emerald.j3.v.9.80.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.2co.v.9.16.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.interkassa.v.9.13.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.rbk.v.9.13.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.robokassa.v.9.13.zip]
  • Plugin [plg_emerald.user.emerald.j3.v.9.7.zip]
Emerald - Downloads


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