Amazing Cobalt CCK v 8.304 is here. This is on of those updates that everyone will appreciate. At least those who were waiting for calendar/events features.

Events / Calendar

We have created events article list calendar template.

We use very popular public Bootstrap Calendar component to create calendar view. But please do not think that we simple use code of others. This 90 stars GitHub project is developed and supported by us.

Here is the summary of this great component.

  • AJAX based navigation through events.
  • Year, week, month and day views.
  • Includes automatic translation to Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.
  • Change first week to monday or Sunday.

Additional features

  • Show additional events list under calendar.
  • Use select field to change events style.
  • Range dates. Select events for few days.

Test it quick

For your convenience we have created Calendar pack. If you have Date and Time field you can install it and it will create preconfigured calendar section.

Important! Manual fix is required!

Since Joomla implemented tags, it hardcoded tags management to core Joomla classes. And no it requires to have newTags column on js_res_record table.

There are very small about of users who is affected ad this patch was already added to Cobalt. This only affect users who installed Cobalt from version 8.280 to 8.304.

Anyway if you cannot save articles, you have to manually run SQL query.

ALTER TABLE `#__js_res_record` ADD COLUMN `newTags` VARCHAR(45) NULL  AFTER `repostedby`;

Do not forget to replace #__ with your DB tables prefix.

Other changes

  • add - field - records - show articles with he same field value now works with multiple level select.
  • add - field - gallery - parameter what to do on click in the list and in full view are different.
  • fix - field - geo - 2 map filter in one section and map filter access level.
  • fix - comments pagination.
  • fix - after VEL fix thumbnail generation is not successful. Because image GD generation create files under apache user name and all folders are FTP folders. We changed how thumbnails are saved. It takes longer but that is only what we can do :(. Now it first creates thumbnail in tmp folder which has to be 777 and then move it to thumbnail cache.
  • fix - packer - pack without potential collision of nested sets tables like comments and categories.
  • fix - packer - a lot of small tiny bugs. We have tested it with pack of 3 sections, connected with related fields. During test we discovered some small but annoying errors during installation.

Affected files

  • Cobalt []


  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
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