Here is new Emerald 9.71 first class Joomla 3.x membership extension. Every week this extension become better. Let me share with you my personal experience.

Right now we are setting up demo server with Emerald. And we work a lot with this extension. And I should say, that I have never regret that all Emerald management is moved to fronted. In fact even more. It works quick, it looks amazing, it feels very intuitive at the same time incredibly flexible.

Next week we will publish demo server and you will be able to touch it yourself.

  • fix - emerald - expiration time for plan periods presets.
  • add - emerald - translate plans and groups through JText. You can use language keys for all plans names, descriptions, group names and descriptions.
  • fix - analytics errors when there are few plans but all 0 price.
  • optimize - emerald - cpanel links adjusted to average templates width.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
Emerald - Downloads


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