Emerald 9.58 - Joomla 3 series membership extension. This week we were working hard to make this amazing extension even better. Let me make some highlights.


Emerald 9 has DB structure completely changed, thus there is not update. Data have to be migrated.

We added Imports section into Emerald which will allow you to import your subscribers from any other Joomla membership extension. Right now we have Emerald 8 and Mighty Membership importer. But on your request we can add importer for any other extension for free.

  • add - emerald - import section.

Read Migration instruction from Emerald 8 or former Mighty Membership.


Now we have a real, beautiful dashboard where you can easy to see all important information. Last subscriptions. Last 30 days sales chart.

And most important is the list of plans that was not activated automatically. Mighty Membership and Emerald 8 created user subscription on payment gateway confirmation. Emerald 9 creates user subscription on redirection to gateway. If something goes wrong, you can quickly activate subscription in one click, unlike creating new subscription process before.

  • add - emerald - dashboard - Last plans
  • add - emerald - dashboard - sale report chart
  • add - emerald - dashboard - subscriptions that waits for activation.

Other addition and fixes

  • optimize - subscription exists checking algorithm.
  • add - emerald - number of subscribers in plan list.
  • add - emerald - no plan deletion with subscribers.
  • add - emerald - set period more flexible. Like this month, this year.
  • add - emerald - bind coupon to plans.
  • fix - emerald - plan usage limits.
  • fix - emerald - offline gateway - redirect to payment history now.

Affected Files

  • Emerald [com_emerald.j3.v.9.58.zip]
  • Emerald Import [import_emerald.j3.emerald8.v.9.9.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.offline.v.9.15.zip]
Emerald - Downloads


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