Emerald is unique membership extension. Not only it is one of most mature extension that is used by thousands, it has unique feature. Along with tons of features it can restrict any Joomla extension without special integration.

Exact release date is Thursday 25 July. As usual on Thursday. As a developers we had tested Emerald 9 and now we set up environment for our Indian testers on oDesk. They are gonna start following week.

I should mention about Emerald 9 that I believe it is most amazing membership extension we had ever created. We have been able totally refactor Emerald at the same time keeping compatibility even with JContentSubsrcripion which we were releasing on joomlaequipment website for Joomla 1.0 in 2006.

But at the same time it is all new extension. All layouts and templates are new and bootstrapped. Looks clean and cool. Payment process is changed. Now you first select plan and then go to confirmation page where you can apply coupon and chose payment gateway. Thus you may set different gateways with different settings for every plan.

All shortcomings in the subscription flow and usability was improved. We ensure to deliver user to the page he wanted to access after successful subscription activation. Plan start and end date are set only on successful activation. I mean user may subscribe offline and you activate his subscription in 2 weeks when receive money and subscription will start at exactly this moment. And may other improvments.

Alert messages are more informative and clear.

Restrictions are now based on adapters. We have universal adapter that suite any extension but if exact adjustments are needed, adapter can be easily created.

Another new features I want to mention here is Actions. Actions are small Emerald plugins that can be attached to plan. Actions guaranty delivery of triggers on plan successful activation and expire. Actions are installed separately. Some actions for example.

  • Track sale with Google analytics
  • Move user to different group
  • Run custom SQL queries
  • Run custom JavaScript code
  • Send notification to given URL

And many others.


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