Cobalt CCK v. 8.263 is here. For Cobalt 8 series we made version syncronization for Cobalt intelf and package file version that contain all Cobalt elements. Now versions are the same.

These are tiny updates last few weeks but we still release updates weekly which is important! And of course we spend time for something else which you all how use it will love.

  • fix - field - multilevelselect
  • fix - field - audio/video update jwplayer remove modernizer
  • fix - field - url some fixes
  • fix - textarea - javascript validation for required fields.
  • add - html is not possible to use in content type description
  • fix - category selector in type category limit

Affected Files

  • Build Cobalt
  • Build media
  • Build libraries
  • Build Module
  • Build Plugin


  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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