I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

Cobalt 8.222 Joomla CCK is here.

Do yo know that Google preparing new Google maps? Using invitation (if you are lucky) you can preview how it looks.

But in todays cobalt release you can already experience new fresh Google map look. This look works better on mobile devises. And looks better in General.

  • add - google map and geo fields visual.refresh. New goole map look.

Some other important fixes.

  • fix - cobalt - comments
  • add - sort content types in Add here menu by ID.
  • fix - usage of few SSI fields in the type.
  • add - text field - mask as placeholder
  • fix - jomsocial integration use stream API v2
  • fix - comments title translatable
  • add - sorting for templates in the template switch submenu.
  • fix - email field - custom fields.

Affected Files

  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.8.222.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.content.glossary.v.8.15.zip
  • Build JoomSocial pkg_plg_joomsocial.v.8.38.zip


  • Build Field field_cobalt.digits.v.8.27.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.paytoaccess.v.8.22.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.paytodownload.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.payvoucher.v.8.23.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.text.v.8.29.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.email.v.8.37.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.128.zip
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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