I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

New version of Cobalt CCK 8.215 is here people.

What worth of attention in this release? A lot of things. You can see there are almost all add type changes. But most interesting is gallery field changes.

Gallery Field

  • enhanced - field gallery - all templates refactored for better display and bootstrap support.
  • add - 2 new templates for full view are added. Those are bootstrap carousel and galleria.io. Important to know that galleria.io script is themeable. You can download additional themes on their website and connect to gallery field.

This new templates (especially galleria.io) looks absolutely awesome. And right what many was looking for.

Filter Module

Another noticeable news is filter module template

  • add - filter module template collapsable.


  • template settings mechanism changed.
  • add - new parameters to API records method. See updated knowledge base article.
  • add - cron task to automatically checkin articles. See knowledge base article.
  • fix - geo field display field if it is empty.
  • add - field register automatically activate user after registration and before login.
  • fix - markup template parameter to show section name in title.
  • fix - cobalt - js error in user select
  • fix - cobalt - copy files on save as copy button click.
  • fix - filter type default select
  • fix - content plugins ordering in HTML field
  • fix - module records show all records by default
  • fix - JS error for Discussion Joomla content plugin.
  • fix - formatters plugins to use only one plugin.
  • fix - cobalt - uploaded with SEF wrong urls

Affected Files

  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.8.215.zip
  • Build Media pkg_cobalt.media.v.8.49.zip
  • Build libraries pkg_cobalt.libraries.v.8.44.zip


  • Build Field field_cobalt.gallery.v.8.42.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.123.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.paytodownload.v.8.22.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.records.v.8.30.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.register.v.8.8.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.telephone.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.video.v.8.43.zip


  • Build Module mod_cobalt_category.v.8.29.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_filters.v.8.37.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_participants.v.8.17.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_records.v.8.35.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_userstatistics.v.8.18.zip


  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.content.cobalt.v.8.12.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_ini.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_joomlaupdate.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_json.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_xml.v.8.20.zip


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