New version of Cobalt 8 - great Joomla 3.0 CCK is here! Today with some excited new and FREE integration.

Komento Comment Adapter

  • add - komento integration

We are extremely happy to announce that Cobalt 8 has a new integration with icon Komento, an awesome Joomla comment system. Most of you may have already heard about StackIdeas which develops extensions like icon EasyBlog, icon EasyDiscuss and Komento. Komento is easy to be customized and it looks beautiful and elegant out of the box. It also incorporates tons of features and functionality.

Thanks to the developers over at StackIdeas, Cobalt's Komento adapter is integrated very tightly with Komento. Not only does it show comments, it's also compatible with the built-in notification system of Cobalt and Audit Log. It also can be configured to use Cobalt's user name. Apart from that, we also have tons of other integrations which makes Komento to be one of our most recommended 3rd party commenting tool for Cobalt.

Yet this integration is free!! Taking in account that there is free version of Komento, that may make many people very happy.


  • fix - global joomla search plugin
  • optimisation - small adjustment for record list select query. There was double call of some functions.
  • improve - get marker query for map template.
  • fix - field - image lightbox image path in full view

Affected files

  • Build Cobalt
  • Build Comemnt
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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