I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

Cobalt 8.198

New version of Cobalt 8 - Joomla 3.0 CCK is available for immediate download.

  • fix - field - relation - code revision was done. many tiny errors was fixed.
  • fix - field - image - if required error on edit.
  • fix - field - geo - map display distortion in the tab.
  • fix - module - notifications - bootstrap layout template.
  • fix - module - category - few modules on one page fatal error.
  • fix - cobalt - autcomplete to work with none-latin characters

Affected Files

  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.8.195.zip
  • Build media pkg_cobalt.media.v.8.43.zip
  • Build Gateway payment_cobalt.paypal.v.8.28.zip
  • Build Comemnt cmt_cobalt.cobalt.v.8.18.zip

Fields - Build Relate field_cobalt.relations.v.8.32.zip - Build Field field_cobalt.gallery.v.8.38.zip - Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.110.zip - Build Field field_cobalt.image.v.8.35.zip - Build Field field_cobalt.records.v.8.29.zip


  • Build Module mod_cobalt_category.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_notifications.v.8.23.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_records.v.8.33.zip

Cobalt 7.9746

We like the fact that Cobalt 7 has so little of changes. It includes some fixes that only improve stability. Nothing new added. Very save to update. Here is the list of updated files.

  • Build Gateway payment_cobalt.paypal.v.7.14.zip
  • Build media pkg_cobalt.media.v.7.22.zip
  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.7.9746.zip


  • Build Field field_cobalt.dripcontent.v.7.7.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.7.20.zip
  • Build Relate field_cobalt.relations.v.7.23.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.records.v.7.10.zip
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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