Cobalt 8 CCK become better and better week after week. This week I have been able to participate with building live sites based on Cobalt. Our customers was so happy that they started with Cobalt because it turned out it is the only CCK that could satisfy their needs.

As a result of this work, there a lot of small changes and adjustments that are not listed but removes some very tiny miss behaviours. Like for example if you keep personalisation, but turn off user follow section follow have to become active. I mean those are the things that you might have not even noticed, but it is good to know that even things you are not using works well :)


  • add - API - method - getArticleLink() to get article link by article id.
  • add - API - method - renderRating(). This method calculate and format rating for single record or set of records.
  • improved - Itemid assign logic was improved. Sometimes it did not set menu Itemid correctly when show links of records of one section in another section. fix - field - geo dont save settings y/n
  • add - comment adapter - cobalt type as comment - parameter to force category.
  • fix - field - telephone - area code is not required anymore. "Thanks" to Hong-Kong.
  • fix - field - video - embed code constraint if width in single quotes.
  • fixed - cobalt - category name with nonу latin characters gets corrupted after category save.
  • add - timeline template parameter - start at end
  • add - field - status - multiple trigger SQL queries. If you insert series of queries separated by ; then every query will be executed.
  • add - module records - parameter categories
  • add - map template parameter to hide or sow loading progress animation.
  • add - placeholders to redirect url after submission in content type parameters.
  • add - check article access based on category access or publish state.
  • fix - module filters - not show on form.

Affected files

  • Build Cobalt
  • Build Comemnt
  • Build Templates


  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field


  • Build Module
  • Build Module
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