Some notable things

Cobalt 7 is 7th generation of great CCK excessively for Joomla 2.5.

1. Nextend Smart Slider

This is what we all have been waiting so long!! This is smart slider integration by Soós Roland on his nextendweb website. his slider looks amazing and believe it or not it works with Cobalt!

And that is not all. Roland does not stop. He's got a lot of feature requests and he is already on the way to deliver it.


Please everyone, show our appreciation for this marvellous work!

2. Great Cobalt 7 implementation

We proudly present you website that is running on Cobalt 7. This is one of the great Cobalt examples and also good inspiration source. You will see how well it works with Google maps.

Far-way was using Mighty Resources but recently has updated to Cobalt 7. This site is about sightseeings in Russia. It helps you to plan vacation trip to best and most interesting places.

This new Joomla 2.5, responsive site is deeply integrated with Google maps and uses geo field. It is also amazing example of how geo field could be used.

Vasiliy was working very closely with us very hard to release new web site version driven by Cobalt 7. He is one of those users who contribute a lot of feedback. We could greatly advance our geo field and google map list template because of it.

far way demo


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