We are proud to announce immediate availability of first Cobalt 8 update which brings all important fixes and some cool additions.

JomSocial Integration - Beginning

We have just started. We are using v 2.8 RC2 which is already working with Joomla 3.0. We hope we will be able to finish by the time JomSocial stable is released.

  • fixed - integration - JomSocial compatibility. PHP classes redeclare fatal errors. Allows run both extension together in one Joomla instance.
  • added - integration - JomSocial avatar display. Uploaded or JomSocial default.
  • added - integration - user name as link to JomSocial profile page

Multi Level Select

This week, multilevelselect was under our observation. We where thinking how to improve this already powerful field or as Apple ad would say :))))

"We where thinking - How to improve unimprovable? But that is exactly what we did."

  • added - multilevel select - show number of children in the list
  • added - multilevel select - if only one value allowed always show form
  • added - multilevel select - edit values from front-end
  • added - multilevel select - load data (import) into field values
  • fixed - multilevel select field - constructor keep values
  • advanced - multilevel select field - new constructor interface


This is only small compilation of fixed that are worth to mention. There was much more. Approximately 200 files was affected by this update.

  • added - markup template - custom CSS parameter
  • added - default category index template - set category HTML tag and some styles.
  • added - markup template - new parameter to show or hide menu or filters on section homepage.
  • added - module section stat - added parameters for labels

  • fixed - gallery field - lightebox search for pictures

  • fixed - html field - editor parameter
  • fixed - IIS6.+ input is empty in controller cause fatal errors everywhere
  • fixed - filters links in sub templates
  • fixed - formatters - some errors in all formatters plugins
  • added - additional templates - hide fields labelы under title parameter
  • fixed - cobalt - error after save (You cannot access this link directly)
  • fixed - cobalt - pagination in other Joomla templates
  • fixed - cobalt - sql script for update
  • fixed - cobalt - notices and strict standard errors.
  • fixed - cobalt - events user loading after pack installed
  • added - cobalt packer - pack size column
  • fixed - cobalt - article view template hide extra DIVs
  • fixed - cobalt - template preview pictures path
  • fixed - cobalt - packer change field ids in template parameters on install
  • fixed - cobalt - line break of the field on the form
  • added - records module - restrict by category if possible
  • added - records module - restrict by currently logged in user or user whose homepage
  • added - records module - show only future articles
  • added - records module - show only expired articles

List of new builds

Do not be scared with this long list.

Cobalt 8 - Free package will install all free elements with single installation package.

In addition to this update we have added new Cobalt 8 - Everything package to our download section. This package can install all as free as commercial elements with single installation package!
  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.8.98.zip
  • Build Media pkg_cobalt.media.v.8.30.zip
  • Build Templates pkg_cobalt.templates.v.8.49.zip

  • Build Field field_cobalt.audio.v.8.19.zip

  • Build Field field_cobalt.boolean.v.8.25.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.checkbox.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Fields Relate field_cobalt.relations.v.8.17.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.datetime.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.digits.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.email.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.gallery.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.38.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.html.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.image.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.listautocomplete.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.multilevelselect.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.multiselect.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.passwd.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.paytoaccess.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.paytodownload.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.payvoucher.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.radio.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.readmore.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.records.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.select.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.status.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.telephone.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.text.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.textarea.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.uploads.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.url.v.8.22.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.video.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.39.zip

  • Build Module mod_cobalt_records.v.8.22.zip

  • Build Module mod_cobalt_sectionstatistics.v.8.21.zip

  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_ini.v.8.19.zip

  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_joomlaupdate.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_json.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Plugin plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_xml.v.8.19.zip
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