Looks like GitHub help us to create more complete change logs. Because it does not allow commits without comments.

  • fixed - map template non SEF links
  • fixed - bootstap based templates menu issue
  • fixed - ordering field not visible in order list if not set to be shown in the list
  • fixed - after filtering stay on the same page. Now reset to first page.
  • fixed - redirect after delete with none latin characters
  • fixed - category is empty even if article is submited there

Speed improvements

Although most probably you even do not meet this problem (and we hope you will not) some users does. We continue to work over speed optimisation.

  • optimised - query to records from category and its subcategories. With 5000 categories saves 1s. - 2s.
  • optimised - filter number counting is now speed optimised
  • optimised - delete additional query per record in list display. On the pages with 20 records 20 queries less.


Updated fields

  • audio
  • checkbox
  • digits
  • geo
  • listautocomplete
  • multilevelselect
  • radio
  • select
  • text
  • uploads
  • url

Fields Changes

  • enhanced - fields geo and URL adds rel="nofollow" to all external links for better PR.
  • fixed - multilevelselect - notice to show records numbers.
  • fixed - multilevelselect - value editor not show previous values
  • enhanced - radio button and select output templates
  • enhanced - text - filter autocomplete for text field now work with ajax and does not impact page load speed
  • fixed - JText for radio button multiselect and listautocomplte for input template.
  • fixed - radio button output template assignment.
  • fixed - selectable fields - default parameter input element is too short.


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