• fixed - menu and list templates path to images not relative.
  • fixed - module records fatal error. have value or all records with FALSE value and all recode without value.
  • fixed - on change category name, it also change in records
  • added - parameter to form template to change form title
  • added - menu template parameter to hide All Records element
  • added - advanced table template parameters for title label and icon.
  • fixed - alert that comment template settings not saved
  • fixed - count limit for submit record
  • added - plugin discussion restriction by category
  • fixed - reindex tool in tools plugin for FULLTEXT search index. Debug mode have to be turned off if there are is memory overload.
  • fixed - download and upload mechanism on multiple language websites.


  • fixed - image field - path to image.
  • fixed - boolean field - value automatically switches to true on edit.
  • added - boolean field - parameter how to treat FALSE value. Consider it only those records that explicitly - fixed - date filed - range picker
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