I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.
  • updated - modules categories. Excessive code cleaned and template added.
  • fixed - auto approve parameter did not work as expected
  • Field - form validation - in backend check for required fields
  • fixed - category limit in records field
  • fixed - advanced template column shift and fields under title.
  • fixed - limit records per template
  • updated - pypal will depreciate usage of HTTP 1.0. All paypal gateways are changed to work with HTTP 1.1


  • added - text field ordering mode parameter like digits or like strings
  • fixed - list of all children in parent field
  • changed - boolean field values save different. 1 and -1. Thus you have to re-save all the records that used boolean field.
  • fixed - select value through JText.
  • fixed - field image
  • advanced - geo field - parameter where to show geo QR codes
  • fixed - geo field SEF in map article list template template.
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