Let's do some summary.


Only after few days on JED, Cobalt already got the "Popular" mark on JED and is still carrying it as a proof of increasing popularity.

Cobalt is doomed to be popular. Because it is so many that was invested into it. Not only time (9 month/5 people) and money was invested into this extension, more important is the experience in this field which led to this outstanding product. Several years of building CCK solutions combined with the feedback from our customers, using our solutions in real applications enabled us to reach a level, not many developers have in this market. Our strategy to listen to your suggestions and immediately implementing them into our product created the most flexible Content Creation Solution within the Joomla world - Cobalt 7.

Cobalt within the Joomla Community

Our strategy to invest more time and efforts into integrations is bearing fruits already.

Cobalt is getting more and more recognition among extension developers which results to more integrations. This all happen because of our loyal and dedicated customers, who support us and spread the word about their good experiences with Cobalt. Based on the access hits and reviews Cobalt is on its way up to the top of content creation extensions in JED. We expect much more serious developers jumping on the Cobalt train in the near future.

There are some integrations worth to mention.

Among Joomla extensions the JMS Multi Site solution is maybe not often used but one of the most important extensions. I am glad to announce that JMS Multi Site solution created definitions for Cobalt CCK as stated in their latest change log entry.

There are other integration such as UddeIM, Seo Boss, Featured Item module.

And much much more to come...

Cobalt Development

The work on Cobalt 8, the next generation of CCK's is going on. I know that expectations are high, but we have so many things on our drawing board that you will surely get more than you expect. In our task manager we assigned implementation tasks to our developers which you can not find yet in our Cobalt 8 roadmap. Let us surprise you with what we are preparing for you.

Alongside the development we're taking notes about new features and functionality of Cobalt 8 and it covers now already 2 pages.

You Can Help

If you have a good experience with Cobalt, we would really appreciate your rating and even a small review about the extension on JED. This will help us to grow our community, which results in more integrations, fields, plug-ins, modules and templates.

Thank you for considering Cobalt as your CCK choice.


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