On Mighty Extensions I always started my day with What is going on link. And i believe may of you too have had found this link very useful.

But you all know that this functionality was powered by Mighty Touch. And I was worrying that I will miss it on MintJoomla because we do not plan to release anything like Touch and install anything like JomSocial.

When I was developing Cobalt notification system I did not think that it could replace our Touch activity stream. But now, I can see that I can see :) I can see everything what is happening! All I need to subscribe to section or article.

Of course it is not an activity stream and not social, but to me it is even better. I can access All Notifications (only for registered) of My Account menu and there it is. All I want to know :). I am so happy and all i want now is that you do not miss this great functionality of our site. Please subscribe to sections, news, updates, downloads, depot extensions and be informed on every event happening.

There is no new comment events because comments are powered by DISQUS. But it has it is own very good tracking system so you will not miss new comment any way.


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