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07 Feb 2017 23:16

We know that Emerald will install "PayPal" and "Offline" payment gateways during the installation of Emerald component. Then these two gateways will be there from then on.

However, I only use "Alipay" payment gateway. For me, above mentioned two other gateways are not needed. But they still shown there. I think, this means my webpage will still "LOAD" those gateway plugins, which will add extra performance loading to my server.

So I want to remove/disable those unnecessary payment gateways. But I can not find them in the "Extension -> Plugin Manager" of Joomla. I can not find any "Payment gateway Manager" in Emerald.

Well, how can I remove/disable "PayPal" and "Offline" payment gateways now? (After being disabled, they will NOT shown up on the "Gateway" tab of a plan).

If there is no such an option, I suggest you to add one so that there can show a button to "disable this payment gateway".

Thank you.

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10 Feb 2017 07:03

those are only loaded when you edit plan. Nowhere else those are loaded.

But if you want to remove them, delete folders in components/com_emerald/library/gateways

baijianpeng VIP
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15 Feb 2017 02:58

OK, if only loaded when editing plan, then I can leave them there.

Thank you.

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