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15 May 2018 17:51

Hello how do you achive this. do you have any redirect option for each time a member log in? Example Member x got a membership A Plan so on login will see X Article Member w got a membership B Plan so on login will see w Article If no membership active redirect to buy a memebership. I have already tried the Grant on success part but no working

Last Modified: 09 Jul 2018

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19 May 2018 04:23

I know im stuck in the OSE thingy but is there a chance to achieve this as an aditional in Emerald?

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23 May 2018 11:29

There is no such an option. There is URL that user will be redirected to after success purchase after success subscription only once. There is also hidden URL to redirect user to the page he whanted access before redirected to subscription page.

That is it.

pepperstreet VIP
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23 May 2018 23:33

Some thoughts and ideas...

On successful plan purchase, you might assign each user to a specific usergroup/ACL.
There is a special Emerald Action for it.
Then you might replace the usual Joomla login/redirect feature with a 3rd-party solution.

Have a look at these:


Hope this helps.

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06 Jun 2018 06:49

There is no option like this availabe like this now, it might be avaialble in the future

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06 Jun 2018 10:14

virtualking There is no option like this availabe like this now, it might be avaialble in the future

@pepperstreet had already answered that. You can use some 3d party extensions.

progressionsp VIP
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09 Jul 2018 00:36

I have this set up exactly like @pepperstreet suggested. It works perfectly, and doing it this way will allow you to use just one single article as the redirect on login article. Simply use the [PAID][/PAID] tags within that article to separate the specific content for each membership. We have about a dozen membership options and it works perfectly!

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