clowride VIP
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20 May 2012 14:51


can you make a plugin to fully integrate Cobalt with Sh404sef please ?

thank you

Last Modified: 26 Aug 2022

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29 May 2012 04:18

We will do it later.

26 Oct 2012 06:36

yes it important, really

pepperstreet VIP
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13 Nov 2012 20:59

Just wanted to let you know:

Yesterday, i opened new support tickets on JoomAce and MijoSoft and asked again for COBALT extensions. Since they had support for ME Resources, its likely possible to have the add-ons very soon.

PS: Not sure which one (AceSEF or MijoSEF) will make the race... time will tell. No hint if any products will change... currently they still have the identical product line.

14 Nov 2012 00:57

ok but for sh404 sef, they can ONLY like custom solution

pepperstreet VIP
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19 Nov 2012 15:51

we generally have the developers of the component take care of dedicated sh404SEF plugins


How do I write a sh404SEF® plugin for my component

[Writing a sh404SEF plugin: the basics

]( )

Sample Plugin, see Public Downloads:

Example sh404SEF plugin (for Developers)

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19 Nov 2012 21:46

Very good. THank you.

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19 Jul 2022 07:26

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26 Aug 2022 12:46

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