clowride VIP
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07 Sep 2017 17:49


i would like to know if some people could sales me list view template and forum template responsive for cobalt please ?

Best regards

Last Modified: 08 Sep 2017

Giorgi625 VIP
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08 Sep 2017 07:11

I can create it for you if you will explain your needs.

I have some list view templates but there I have removed everything what I don't needed so it may not feet your needs.

You can check them here Click here to link... and Click here to link... . on second link there are two views, list and catalog

clowride VIP
Total posts: 1,018
08 Sep 2017 11:53

Ah great very interesting, i need to show in list view some fields like multi select, autocomplete (4 max) et be able to resize picture in list view because i use pro list 2 from Joomboost and i can not thank you

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