pepperstreet VIP
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09 Mar 2015 22:09

Hello, is it possible to activate and show the "Search input" on my homepage?
There is only "Sorting". Really hard to find something in "my" topics.

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Last Modified: 11 Mar 2015

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10 Mar 2015 05:34

DO you know how to turn it on?

pepperstreet VIP
Total posts: 3,832
11 Mar 2015 00:26

Sergey DO you know how to turn it on?

? Yes, I know. ;)

Combined settings for Filters on section homepage + Text Search + different ACL should do the trick:


Result on user's section homepage:


BTW, how did you do it for forum categories? ;)


Total posts: 13,744
11 Mar 2015 01:12

I do not know. I did not do anything. My parameters looks like on your screenshot. May be some customization.

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