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01 Apr 2012 15:22

In general, I like the current language modes. Usually the static part of a site is translated completely. User-Submissions might be mixed... etc.

Regarding usability... I had a quick and dirty idea about a little different user experience.

Let's say we have a multilanguage site, but most content is just in 1 language. Only important entries are translated in other languages.

IMHO, it is not nessecary to use a site-wide language switcher (on top of the page). Wouldn't it be nice to have "flag icons" on each content? Or a hint "This item is also availbale in IT-flag, EN-flag, FR-flag"

The user clicks the desired country icon... and switches to the translated article. Maybe with Ajax-support... Tab or Slider... Modal window...

The idea is not to switch the whole site back and forth. Just occasionally, on demand...

Possible at all?

PS: If too complicated or complex, maybe it is easier to do it on field basis? Create multiple versions of one field. Only the first field version (main language) is displayed... the other language versions are hidden, and show on-click?!

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02 Apr 2012 03:07

I remember you gave me links to wordpress multilanguage plugin. that was great link, and I liked that every article has flags and versions of different language.

Unfortunately in Joomla multilanguage scheme it is not possible. I mean you can create different articles on different languages, but you have no tool to indicate that this RU articles is the same as that EN and that FR articles. I mean there is not possibility to connect them.

We can create something like that in Cobalt but that should be standalone functionality not native to rest of Joomla in terms of mutilanguage idea.

We a;ready have PARENT field in records table. We may utilize it to bind articles together. I think this feature will be podmaped for Cobalt 8.

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03 Apr 2012 01:43

I understand slide. i just cannot understand what will be there in the slide. Article on other language or what?

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06 Apr 2012 09:24

On the other hand: My initial idea was different. Something easier and more simple. My intention was NOT to translate the whole article. Just a VERY IMPORTANT portion / part of the information.

P atrial translation almost impossible. I mean possible but full copy will be created anyway but with only some fields translated. And I do not think it is now technically possible :)

Although your idea is good :) I know and I have personally meet situations when I need something like that.

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