pepperstreet VIP
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06 Mar 2012 22:00

Just a minor confusion about naming conventions... why is Resources 6. Generation called Cobalt 7 ? Some of us submitted ideas and requests in the other Resources forum... all related to 6G ;-)

PS: Should we post additional ideas here now?

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Official Answer

Resources 6G actually 7G. Lets count

1G - 1.0

2G - 1.1

3G - 1.2

4G - 1.3

5G - 1.4

6G - 1.5

And new cobalt is 7G or v.7

Although Cobalt is all new extension and developed from beginning, it inherited everything from Resources. We do not go through simple to complex. We keep all old features. That is why versioning goes through resources to Cobalt.

You se if we release Cobalt 1 people may thing that this is new very simple not mature extension. So 7 means although it is new it is very mature.

pepperstreet VIP
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07 Mar 2012 10:27

I agree with 1.0 (seems to be too new or not mature...)

I do not agree with 7 and Emerald8 ;-) Its too far from J!2.5. Unfortunately 2.5 is the new longterm version number. So we have to deal with that. I definately think that you should follow the same convention. Joomla jumped from 1.5 to 2.5. Its more or less the same jump for your product. Also... Its related to Joomla... it relies on the current joomla version!

At the moment, the "7" has no important meaning for the customer. Its not clear for existing users... neither for new ones. I guess, everyone wonders why it is a 7.

Nothing against the actual name "Cobalt" and the "miniral" idea. But the current version number has not to be a permanent part of that name.

Just my humble opinion.

andiamine VIP
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08 Mar 2012 08:34

i agree for 1.0

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08 Mar 2012 22:37

Just my humble opinion.

You know I always appreciate your opinion Mike. It is always has rational kernel. We though about what you say. But look if we call it Cobalt 2 then people as where is 1? So they wonder anyway. Why not to show them that maturity of the idea is far behind version 2. Especially, taking in account the fact that Resources used to be 1 year upfront CCK, I would like to express it some how and indicate this inheritance in Cobalt.

When we released Resources 1.4 and 1.5 I already thought that our version counting is wrong. We had to release 5.0 and 6.0 or we would stay 1.* for ever. Because amount of improvements per new key deserved new first key not second. That is why I decided to fix it with Cobalt and recalculate versions.

I know that Joomla has its own convention. But look nothing was changed from 1.5.1 to 1.5.23 in general. Then they release 1.6, 1.7 but immediately realized the same mistake i did. Their changes deserve to change first version key. And last version is 2.5 although there is not much difference between 1.7 and 2.5.

And also you have been almost from the beginning. And you know that every new Resources key was like new generation.

The same with Emerald. Emerald started like JContentSubscription for Joomla 1.0. Even 8 is not full description. Actually we had around 10 major versions updates.

May people will not understand at the beginning, and think that 7 is just the part of the name, they will understand when we release version 8. And they will also understand that it has long history, and they will be convinced once again, that they made right choice to use Cobalt and Emerald.

andiamine VIP
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10 Mar 2012 06:17

Yes i like this name "Cobalt CCK" its more attractiv :D

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10 Mar 2012 11:08

Anfortunately JED will not allow it. The name should completely conform to folder name. If we want it to be Cobalt CCK the folder have to be com_cobaltcck.

andiamine VIP
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10 Mar 2012 18:58

ah okey so no problem just cobalt

pepperstreet VIP
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12 Jan 2016 07:32

Sergey Anfortunately JED will not allow it. The name should completely conform to folder name. If we want it to be Cobalt CCK the folder have to be com_cobaltcck.

Apparently "French people" do not have to care about any conventions and rules?!
You probably know who I am talking about :D ;)

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