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21 Oct 2013 10:36

Please, would you mind to make the C8 import feature work in C7 ? I think this is a basic feature, which was requested since the beginning. But it was delayed/scheduled because of J30 introduction and new Cobalt version. IMHO, too bad to leave C7 without ANY import feature...

I am aware of the C7 "feature-freeze" and your focus on C8, but this was a basic must-have for Cobalt-family in general. It was even mentioned in "Resources 6G" discussions before the first Cobalt release!

Technical side:

I guess DB and fields are not a real problem. Are there any crucial dependencies on J!3 or bootstrap? I could live with bootstrap requirement for J25!!!

Thanks in advance.

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22 Oct 2013 00:12

I hate to say no. Really. I am YES man. But in this case NO. I cannot add import to Cobalt 7.

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23 Oct 2013 00:27

So many question in such a short message :)

I can create github project but who will add a code? I think than one who will, should also create github project.

The import process is very complicated and I cannot describe it in simple article or tutorial. It require PHP skill at least intermedium, and person with that skill may simple see the code in Cobalt 8 as example and no tutorial is needed.

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