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23 Aug 2012 16:19

Sorry, I could not post a private comment on this topic/question. So, i had to create the same topic title in ideas. Please, feel free to post comments in the original topic, or discuss some ideas below...

Hello Sergey, maybe a good idea to study what other people did... as far as i know, most of them make heavy use of jQuery. I don´t know how it was technically solved, but the CB Conditional plugin is secure and respects access and privacy of CB. So, there must be an additional technique and way, that prevents cheating via Browser and direct DOM manipulation. Not sure, if this is important for Cobalt submissions and applications. Perhaps, it is too difficult and abstract to follow foreign code structures...

Anyway, here is a file for investigation:

CB Conditional Plugin, if you need more info or a demo, i can set one up for you.

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Also interesting is jReviews, they implemented it in backend recently. Can't send you the files, because it is protected. Maybe you can checkout the Online-Demo backend!?!

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01 Dec 2014 02:23

Thank you. I'll keep it in mind when get to that point in development.

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