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15 Aug 2012 22:55

(moved topic from C7 category to C8)

Maybe a weired idea, what about an option to turn the "pay to..." fields into "donate to ..." fields? In other words, voluntary payments.

Maybe with different options:

  • free amount
  • fixed amount
  • selectable amount

Last Modified: 09 May 2016

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15 Aug 2012 23:59

That is exactly what I wanted to release next. It is simple field Pay that could work for tangible products or as donation field depending on template style and settings. For donation main option is to allow user to change amount on payment page and also set default one. All those features are already exists in SSI. I only need to create field :)

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19 Dec 2012 18:49

Was about to post a new topic with the same idea ;-) I am getting old and tired.

Just came across a cool fonts website, which has this "donation to download" concept.

Example screenshot:

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