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12 Mar 2015 05:51

Idea / Wish for future versions of Cobalt/Emerald

Please, split appearance and code as much as possible. Since Cobalt has already a strong and versatile template approach, it is a logical step to follow that concept in all areas of the extension.

I know, it is hard to find the perfect balance between easy configuration and feature richness. Not to mention the current "Bootstrap" dilemma.

I am aware of the bootstrap pre-build classes and that they are made to include them in the markup... but it should not be hardcoded in deeper files/elements that are not accessible for templating or overriding. We have to think twice, before relying on layout grid classes, buttons and also icons in parameters etc.

If Bootstrap classes and icons are used in templates, it is possible to customize a copy... but also this duplicating could be improved:
i.e. template parameters for layout classes, that allow to change and extend the defaults. This way we could make default templates compatible with other frameworks and grids, without creating any copies.

Thanks for listening.

I am sure, we can do better! ;)

Last Modified: 04 Apr 2015

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13 Mar 2015 00:33

I agree. We will try to decouple as much as possible HTML an PHP.

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04 Apr 2015 12:13

FYI - jLayouts might help to build re-usable and overridable elements (i.e. buttons, toolbars, tags etc.)

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