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21 Feb 2014 17:03

Hello, while playing with Relation field parameters and template settings, I noticed a "limitation".


How to change the children display in Records module? Independently from list view template.

Obviously, the module itself has a parameter for the parent records template. But how to deal with their children... it seems to use the same setting from the parent field parameter: "Show Children". So, the module gets the same children appearance like the list-view.

Workarounds: I would have to make a generic layout that fits into both contexts. List view AND module. Difficult, because of limited space and different infos in module context. Maybe modify module template appearance with specific CSS... most likely not a solution for TABLE-based markup. Maybe easier for DIV, UL/LI markup...


Does it make sense to have an additional parameter to distinguish between list/full and module context? I remember, you have done something similar for fields filter template: You added a "template for filter module" parameter.

Suggestions / Thoughts: - Additional Module Template parameter in Parent field -> Show Children ? - Is it possible to override children template in module? Additional parameter "Template for childs" in Records Module ?

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24 Feb 2014 06:36

Additional parameter is possible but I do not think it is a clean solution.

You cannot override field parameter in module.

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