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21 Feb 2014 11:23

Hello, just noticed the User Limit options in Records-module. Honestly, I am confused by the last two options. They seem to be identical? Only the wording is reversed:

In general, I am not sure about their labels/description. What is the actual use case?

Thanks in advance.

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24 Feb 2014 06:32

Last to difference is priority. In first current user homepage will be checked first and current user second only if it is not a homepage. And in second vice versa.

What is the actual use case?

That depends. Do you mean whole parameter of last 2 options?

For example I am admin and I edit article of other user. I want to see children only of that user. I chose option 1 of those 2 last. And if I want to see all children no matter who is author, then I might want to use second option.

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24 Feb 2014 07:21

I cannot find this option in Records field at all. Like it is never existed. please make screenshot.

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24 Feb 2014 23:04

Ok. Now I got it.

For example you form something like user dashboard. When user in his forum homepage he can also see other forum related items. For example module with latest topics with events for quick access replied topics.

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