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20 Nov 2013 19:10

Hello, Parent/Child relations have two important main actions "ADD NEW" and "ATTACH EXISTING". Currently, they appear differently in two separate contexts:

  1. Article/List View (add NEW + attach EXISTING)
  2. Submission form (attach EXISTING only)

Idea 1 - Add New during form submission:

The appearance should be unified! I am aware that the Add NEW on parent form might be tricky. My first assumption: It needs the parent recordID for storage, right?! But in that moment, the parent has not been saved, yet. Is that the main reason for not having ADD NEW on the form?!

Suggestion 1:

If yes, I have a possible solution: First, make the button in-active. Show a message to SAVE/APPLY the current article beforehand! Than show the actual ADD NEW button. Make it "active" again.

Similar Joomla! core examples: This solution is comparable to some options in Joomla core e.g.:

  • Article submission form: See selectbox "sorting-order"
  • Menu Manager / Edit menu item: See selectbox for sorting-order

Both Joomla occurencies have an info message displayed, something like: "Save first, before this options is available..."

I think, the same logic and step behavior can be applied to Relations-field ADD NEW action.

Idea 2 - Multiple Child/Parent selection:

Currently, there is no multiple selection during the frontend relation process. i.e. attach existing. Multiple selection with different template styles is possible on submission form only. Why is this? "Attach existing" offers Pop-Up window, but it allows to select 1 item only. One click and I am leaving the modal dialog. Frankly speaking, this is very tedious and annoying. (maybe not all multiple selection styles are necessary. But why not... for completeness and unified UX)

Suggestion 2:

Probably the current Pop-Up style is the best choice. But it should definitely allow multiple selections! As for the other styles (checkboxes, multi-select...), even those could be displayed in a hidden accordion slider. (like it is done for advanced search/filters area)

Important dependencies: Child field parameter "Allow multiple parents"!


  • Streamlined workflow, no splitted actions on view and form
  • ADD/ATTACH during submission, faster
  • way more easy for DAU's (i.e. add and relate images or data feom another section. No need to leave the current context)

Last Modified: 18 Mar 2014

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21 Jan 2014 19:22

Bumping my own topic for some comments. Any thoughts?

Hopefully, my english was good enough hot explain my idea ;-)

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22 Jan 2014 04:17

I was waiting other people opinion.

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22 Jan 2014 16:28

I was waiting other people opinion.

:D clever

I think it is an essential improvement for user experience and an obvious workflow (expected base feature). The current situation is really confusing and a (unneeded) limitation for relation fields.

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12 Feb 2014 10:01


  • Improved and corrected descriptions;
  • Added IDEA 2, because of this topic/question by "Clowride"

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13 Feb 2014 02:10


I have no choice :D

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11 Mar 2014 23:49

EDIT: Improved descriptions for both ideas and re-formatting of text because of new Cobalt forum markup etc.

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14 Mar 2014 19:09


Hey "Sackgesicht", are you moderator? Status changed by a "german" ;-)

Status changed by a german?!

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