pepperstreet VIP
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13 Nov 2013 16:16

You may have heared about the project "Joomla AJAX Interface". Meant for J! Modules and Plugins. It is included in J!3.2 core. Also available for J!25 as separate download.

I really would like to see this technique in Cobalt Records module. Any chance? Due to my limited knowledge i can't create this myself… sorry. Any help and thoughts are much appreciated.

Example use-cases:

  • Latest articles (events, news ticker, etc.)
  • User XYZ submitted a job
  • User XYZ submitted a proposal
  • What's going on… What's Up?
  • What's happening currently...
  • etc.

Triggers (if possible):

  • manual task (update/refresh button),
  • automatic time-interval?!
  • Cobalt event on section activity, submissions, edits? In Real-time?

In other words, it is something like a reduced "activity-stream". But focused on Cobalt articles. I think it does not collide with Notifications feature. It has different purposes and templatable appearance… and it might be visible to the public.

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Jeff VIP
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13 Nov 2013 20:17

Another good proposal!


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13 Nov 2013 23:19

We will use ajax lo load records in Cobalt 9 but we will not use Joomla ajax interface. We will continue to handle our own Ajax mechanism. This way we will have more control and will be able to add new features without waiting Joomla for years.

stblink VIP
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14 Nov 2013 13:10

I've noticed one thing regarding Ajax for loading records. Perhaps a silly question but here it goes.

1 - on this website if you scroll to the bottom theres a button "Load more" which does the job. But the "pagination" is gone. If you use side modules the user no longer see's them when loading more records unless they float.

2 - Having pagination buttons (1,2,3,4) but loading with AJAX is another alternative. Side modules are visible. The user does not need to scroll so much up to the top of the page again if accessing the menu (unless using "go to top button"). Although pressing page n2 the user may not notice the page changed if the results are somewhat similar.

Which will be the Cobalt way ?

pepperstreet VIP
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14 Nov 2013 15:03


Thanks for general info about AJAX and roadmap. More or less i already got this info in a common AJAX topic and MintJoomla blog... as far as I remember it.


Actually, this topic is about implementing/utilizing the J! core feature AND the Cobalt Records Module. I would like to here some comments, tips and some help on this specific solution. Thanks in advance!

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15 Nov 2013 03:02

Which will be the Cobalt way ?

I am not sure. I think it will be possible to decide on the level of template. We will have interface to load list of records, and in template I may create autoload as you crool, pagination or load more button.

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