pepperstreet VIP
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06 Nov 2013 19:03

Related to the following topic about "private messaging", and the similar feature in new Cobalt-Type-As-Comment.

Idea / Request

  • Private Comments by default (strict, or maybe changable)

Currently, each single comment can be set "private" on comment submission. A nice feature, but not suitable for all applications and DAU's. It would be much easier to set Private mode by default. So, the user does not have to make any selections or decisions. The goal is to get an easier and faster UX.

Suggestion(s) & thoughts

  • Toggle private mode (ON/OFF), which has the priority over the current selectbox. Selectbox is hidden.

  • Selectbox parameter, which sets a default group/ACL.
    Selection might be hidden; or even visible (but inactive) in frontend,
    OR optionally editable like it is now.

Thanks for listening.

Last Modified: 29 Aug 2015

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clowride VIP
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07 Nov 2013 05:47

nice ideas

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