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19 Oct 2013 08:20

Hello, just tested forum pack as public guest user. Topic submission and storage works. The message tells me about the "Record edit link"...

I tested submissions on different ways and locations: - Section menu - Submit here - Module "Submit Buttons" with different parameters

But all attempts result in:

Error 500 - View not found [name, type, prefix]: forms, html, cobaltView

Example URLs:

Record edit link:

 http://localhost :8888/cobalt8/index.php?option=com_cobalt&task=form.edit&id=26&access_key=249877eb8be8d0e8a00b0e71d931b420&return=aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDo4ODg4L2ozMC9pbmRleC5waHA/b3B0aW9uPWNvbV9jb2JhbHQmdmlldz1mb3JtJnNlY3Rpb25faWQ9MSZ0eXBlX2lkPTE6dG9waWMmY2F0X2lkPTI6Y2F0ZWdvcnktZ3JvdXAtMSZJdGVtaWQ9MTEzJnJldHVybj1hSFIwY0RvdkwyeHZZMkZzYUc5emREbzRPRGc0TDJvek1DOXBibVJsZUM1d2FIQSUyRmIzQjBhVzl1UFdOdmJWOWpiMkpoYkhRbWRtbGxkejF5WldOdmNtUnpKbk5sWTNScGIyNWZhV1E5TVRwamIyMXRkVzVwZEhrdFptOXlkVzBtWTJGMFgybGtQVEk2WTJGMFpXZHZjbmt0WjNKdmRYQXRNU1pKZEdWdGFXUTlNVEV6&Itemid=113

After click on "Record edit link":

 http://localhost :8888/cobalt8/index.php?option=com_cobalt&view=forms&Itemid=113

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20 Oct 2013 20:45

We hit that error today..

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22 Oct 2013 23:59


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