andiamine VIP
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12 May 2016 16:12

JoomBoost released 2 new fields Input Repeat and Career Field and they are already used in profiles and cookbook packs.

Profiles pack now use career field instead of multiselect field which let users to add experiences and educations easily, also we have changed multiselect type in ingredients and directions of cookbook pack to input repeat field.

check here in cobalt depot:

Last Modified: 14 May 2016

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13 May 2016 11:44

That is cool. I know exactly one user who needs Career field.

andiamine VIP
Total posts: 289
13 May 2016 13:53

Good :D, more fields coming , thanks to you for this amazing component.

pepperstreet VIP
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14 May 2016 14:40

+1 :)

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