andiamine VIP
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25 Oct 2014 12:26

Hi sergey, i think you can improve packs builder of Cobalt cck , so packs can run independently and don't need cobalt or need only cobalt framework for exemple, it's like a Component builder/Creator/Generator.

What do you think about this idea ?

Last Modified: 11 Nov 2014

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28 Oct 2014 02:31

The packs would be too big if everything is packed. More than 2 Mb which will create a lot of problems with installation.

andiamine VIP
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29 Oct 2014 18:24

yes if you include all cobalt features will be very big, but i think must be simple just simple app and smaller, you can keep pack builder and add component builder as a new feature that:

  • generate sql file
  • generate controllers/models/views for record item, records list, record edit, category and categories list (for backend and frontend)
  • some helpers ...
  • language file
  • and all packaged

what do u think ?

andiamine VIP
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29 Oct 2014 18:28

check please this website: to get good ideas , i tink you can do it with cobalt

this is good for developers to create seperated apps from cobalt and then they can extend their generated components.

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30 Oct 2014 11:35

As I have mentioned, pack will be more than 2 MB and that will not work for more than half of users. because by default PHP can only upload 2 MB. And on 80% hostings this is the issue. And Joomla has no chunk uploads.

andiamine VIP
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30 Oct 2014 14:33

Component builder can't be a seperated extension from cobalt ? but of course will use cobalt framework to work.

so here steps that do this seperated component : - choose section - choose type - build component

pepperstreet VIP
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30 Oct 2014 15:51

Just a quick related thought

If size is a general issue, I would split the Cobalt downloads into the following logical parts:

  • COMPONENT (+FREE addons, aprox. 1MB)
  • MEDIA Pack
  • SUBSCRIPTION addons (incl. adv. templates)

I think this was the simple logic for ME Resources. IMHO, the "everything" package is not needed. There is a FREE package installer for all users, and there is an ADV addon package for subscribers. If SUBSCRIPTION package is growing, I would even split this up into ADDONS + TEMPLATES.

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03 Nov 2014 11:50

Absolutely! that is what is now. Cobalt is a separate pack and pack is a separate pack. Andi's idea to create single pack.

bullbearg VIP
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08 Nov 2014 10:55

Sergey The packs would be too big if everything is packed. More than 2 Mb which will create a lot of problems with installation.

this is a minor promblem :)

the below text you are place in a description download area



Please make sure your PHP maximum file upload size variable value is at least 4 MB. An example in your php.ini woould be as follows:

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 5M

If you could not change the above parameter, you can upload the file using you ftp application manually, extract it and use directory installer method to install it.


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11 Nov 2014 03:55

the best way to solve all those problems, is to create chunk upload in Joomla extension manager. To me, this should be there long time ago. Why developers have to experience all this packing problems? Why end users have to configure anything just to upload file?

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