Sackgesicht VIP
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19 Jan 2013 21:52

I believe the way Cobalt 8 handles the display of related fields should be improved.

I understand the need to control the related fields to avoid an endless loop, but the way it is implemented as of the moment has its limitations.

I will use the usual example of Movie->Actor->Movie database.

Assuming we have a TYPE MOVIE with a child field Actor and another TYPE ACTOR with a parent field Movie, the list of actors will be correctly displayed with their respective movies but Cobalt ignores to display of the associated actors of this movie.

Now, if we add another layer, a TYPE INTERVIEW with a child field Actor, an interview list will only show the Actor, but not his movies (and the coActors in this movie).

For me at least, i would love to see the associated movies to this actor to get a better idea, without going to the actor itself (just for the Movie--> Actor example)

I see a possible solution/improvement in the "Exclude fields" parameter of the list template together with a modified "check algorithm".

Last Modified: 06 Mar 2014

pepperstreet VIP
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20 Jan 2013 18:54


You are creating a lot of rela... err ... "knots" in my mind. ;-)

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06 Mar 2014 07:34

I have read it few times, but I cannot grasp an idea. May be too much different worries. Have to clean my mind of all not important things and concentrate.

Sackgesicht VIP
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06 Mar 2014 07:43

Under mighty Resources it was implemented with several levels. I belive 1 more level is needed at least.

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06 Mar 2014 07:57

Oh! Got you.

You are talking about level cut when we see parent/child field in the list of parent/child.

Yes, that defenitely can be improved.

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