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16 Dec 2015 15:57

Hello, I'm using Hikashop to sell downloadble goods. Now, I need a solution to sell also subscriptions: the user will buy access to one or more joomla user groups for a specific period of time. This is for an online courses site, where the user may enroll in one or several courses.

Do you have an integration solution for this? Do I have to buy the whole Emerald component or just the plugin I need?


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17 Dec 2015 15:15

I вщ not see any integration here. You sell courses like Hikashop products, right? What you can add is you can grant user selected subscription upon success Hikashop product purchase. This integration is already there.

In fact Cobalt and Emerald is perfect for online training. You can create Courses, Lessons as chidren of Courses. You can reastrict all lessons by selectig subscription plan when you create Course in Cobalt. Some of the lessons you may exclude from being restricted and allow to access for free.

There is also content dripping technology. that allows you to distribute lessons sequentialy. I mean user may not see lesson 2 untill he opened lesson 1 or passed quizz or made home work and admin has approved it.

But those are Cobalt and Emerald togather.

nunonogueira Do I have to buy the whole Emerald component or just the plugin I need?

You can do any of those. I would suggest subscription because with it you get access to all Emerald downloads without limitations. And if you start buying individual downloads at the end of the day you might have to spend even more. But of course you wil have it "forever" and subscription is limited by time.

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