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19 Jan 2021 14:33

I am using Astroid framework which is based on Bootstrap 4. It loads own JS files for Bootstrap of course so on my pages there was problem when I used Bootstrap snippet to display accordion. Template developers told me that reason is that two bootstrap.min.js files are used, one from media/jui/js folder second from template folder. So I added this code to my template file and it solved problem with Accordion snippet, but after this Google map on article submit page dissapeared. If I remove this code map appears back.

$dontInclude = array(

What is the solution to get both work map and accordion too? Difference on submit page in browsers inspect element it that div with id="map_canvas_3" does not have content inside when map is not displayed. With MAP template on list view or module and also on Full article view I do not have problem with displaying map.

As a temporary solution I used Protostar template on submit pages but would be good if there will be another solution which will allow me to used Astroid framework on all pages.

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20 Jan 2021 05:06

Any error in concole?

Giorgi625 VIP
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20 Jan 2021 10:47

No there is not error in console. Ok just do not waste time on this. I will use Protostar as submit page template and there will be no problem

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